The story of the Artisan Bread Designer/Co-Founder Alyona Nash


I grew up in a Siberian village where people traditionally cooked for themselves.  My grandmother, who was famous in the area for bread and pastry and learned her skills from our ancestors, passed me many culinary secrets, the way they cooked for centuries with love and passion. I brought this experience to New York City, where one of the best Eastern European Chefs acknowledged me for my unique skills and craftsmanship.

When we moved to New Hampshire, initially, I started baking for the family because we could not find bread, which would meet our criteria of perfection: free of any food additives, without preservatives, sugar-free or low on sugar, naturally fermented, fresh, and delicious. It happened that not only my family but also friends and the neighbors enjoyed the bread and once we realized there was an opportunity, my husband and I started the business. We talked to thousands of people at the farmers' markets and in the stores, and they told us what kind of bread they want. We also learned that many people bake their own bread and later many of them became our customers.

In 2018, we went to France to learn from some of the best masters how to make Traditional French Baguette. Later it became our best selling product. Many French people who live in the USA recognized its magic taste and highest quality.  It took a year and a half to design the first variety of our bread. Finally, we opened the doors of our new bakery and launched the new Organic line that we distribute to the local stores. The feedback exceeded the expectations - many of our customers say they eat our bread because it makes them feel good. 

Mission Statement

We strive to provide our customers with the freshest and most delicious ORGANIC sourdough, long and naturally fermented bread based on the best Olde-Worlde recipes and masterly handcrafted. 


With every day, more and more people understand that healthy food is an important part of their life. The Olde Craft Bakery believes that following the best-proven recipes and sophisticated methods of production in a combination with integrity and hard work, makes the dream of a perfect bread become reality.   

The Olde Craft Bakery is unique, the best of its kind, and will strive to keep up with its vision.                                            


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