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ORGANIC and HANDMADE. Authentic home style. Sourdough Wheat, Rye, Multigrain 7, Spelt; White, Cinnamon, and authentic Traditional French Baguettes. No preservatives. Sliced.​
Sugar-free, vegan: sesame, soya, and nut-free options!

No deliveries will be made on July 4, and vacation from July 21 - August 4. 
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NEW!! Crusty Italian. Sliced and Unsliced. Suga-free, only flour, water, yeast, and water. Amasing crispy crust.


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All bread is certified ORGANIC. We use unenriched and unbleached flour and other fine ingredients; it contains no preservatives or food additives; the entire bakery is vegan; it is nuts, sesame, and soy-free. We take time to make our bread perfect: it is handcrafted, long, and naturally fermented. All bread is ideal for refrigeration and freezing. Please, change the original perforated container for an airtight one (zipper)!

We deliver it fresh daily, except for Sunday, some days after the major holidays and due to emergencies.

The combination of these qualities and its excellent taste makes our bread unique and exclusive.

The fresher, the better!


Tel: 603.8126119
 Dover, NH

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