ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING


Available only for New Hampshire and Massachusetts customers. Baguettes are not available for online sales.

All bread is 100% ORGANIC. We use ORGANIC unenriched unbleached flour and other only finest ingredients. Our bread contains no preservatives or food additives, the entire bakery is vegan, nuts, and soy-free. We take time to make our bread perfect: it is handcrafted, sourdough, long, and naturally fermented. All bread is ideal for refrigeration and freezing, just, please, change the original perforated container for an airtight one!


  All family WHITE, and desert bread

Shipping and handling costs are included. We ship bread the same day when it is baked according to our SCHEDULE. If the purchase is made less than 48 hours prior to 6 AM of the 'Baked on' date as specified in the SCHEDULE, then we reserve the right to ship the bread the next day when we bake it. We have an overnight delivery agreement with the mailing service; however, we don't take responsibility for any delay. In case of a more than one day delay, please contact us for a possible refund. All refunds are at our own discretion.