*ALL ONLINE PRICES INCLUDE Bread, FedEx Ground, and handling. Usually one-day shipping; we ship it on the same morning when baking. (At the retail price only ($6.49-$6.99), find the bread at the select stores in NH and MA.)

*Online available only for NH, VT, ME, MA, RI, CT, NY customers. Baguettes are not available for online sales. Please review the baking schedule because the shipping and the delivery days depend on the production; we don't ship on Saturday, Sunday, and some holidays. 

*All bread is ORGANIC. We use unenriched unbleached flour and other only fine ingredients; it contains no preservatives or food additives; the entire bakery is vegan; it is nuts, sesame, and soy-free. We take time to make our bread perfect: it is handcrafted long and naturally fermented. All bread is ideal for refrigeration and freezing. We ship it in a perforated bag and inside of an airtight one; please, keep bread in an airtight one to prevent it from drying out!  


  All family WHITE, and dessert bread